More than just
being pretty

CreativeGraphic Designing.

CustomLogo Design/

It all stars with a professional logo design.

Make a lasting impression with a custom logo designed by our experts. We've created hundreds of custom logos that match the essence of each organization with its public presence. Our experts combine your vision with clever design, guiding you through the entire process.

Get a custom logo design that you will love.

The logo made us are tailor made to reflect the vision of your company with attractive artwork.

The aim of our logo designers is to create a professional, unique and trendy logo which would race you ahead of your competition.

ProductPackaging design.

Get a product label design you’ll love — guaranteed. Our world-class packaging production services are industry-leading.

Don’t settle for plain white labels– make one that’s as unique as your products. Whether it’s homemade jams or hand crafted organic beauty products, make it look as special on the outside as it is on the inside. And of course, you can use Printfinity to make each one different. Maybe you’re in the food business, making your own preserves or jams and selling them at markets or online. Or perhaps you make and sell a line of bottled beauty products? Whatever you’re selling, if you want your product to stand out on a shelf, you’ll need some eye catching labels.

CreativeBrochure design.

Branding Business Individuality through a Brochure!

Branding Business Individuality through a Brochure! Brochure advertisements and flyer promotional materials form an essential part of a company's business promotion, which provides a bird's eye view the business, its products and services. Brochures are prevailing sales-promotion tools of today. They have been time tested and have proved to lift business from the scratch to their peak.

  • Understand the objective of brochure
  • Who your target audience is?
  • Format for your brochure
  • Effective and simple headline
  • Filling the brochure with pertinent copy
  • Brochure is ready to be distributed

CreativeExhibition stand/booth.

Over years of exploring the field of creative designing, Different Strokes has emerged as one of the very few leaders in the field of trade show booths and exhibition stall designing. We know the kind of show you need to put up for your business at the national and international trade show/exhibitions. Therefore, we have made it our motto to create exceptional and exquisite designs so that they grab attention and attract audience. And, we have been doing great at that.

Concept, design, execute and deliver; that’s how we go about it. We offer custom stall design services as well as wholesome package that include execution of the stall in India as well as overseas venues. Besides, we also offer add-on expert services related to the stalls/booths – like display panels with text and images, model prototypes, related POPs, marketing strategies for particular event/exhibition, etc. to help you enhance your reach to the potential customers at the show.